Summer Hair Routine

August 11, 2015

Summer Routine:
I planned a three-day trip to Seoul for a mini vacation with my boyfriend (he is over a certain age, so let's just say partner) and discovered it was possible to not pack every hair product I have in my bathroom cabinet. Summer hair can be such a struggle and add travel into the equation can sometimes be a nightmare hair situation! Panic started to set in because I do not like over packing, but I always do.  Wow, the humidity was a solid 90% and I was just praying to sweet baby Jesus, that he would bless my fro with perfect curls and wow.... Baby Jesus delivered! In a big city such as Seoul, the pollution was off the charts. This can be tricky; however, I decided to pack four products to perfect my curls.
What I packed:

1. Thank God I am Natural (TGIN) Triple Moisture Replenishing Conditioner. Listen, this stuff is amazeballs! It will detangle all hair knots in record time

2. A spray bottle to hydrate when the sun sucked the moisture out of my fro.

3. Now foods Avocado oil is a dream for hair and skin. My hair is fine, but this oil is perfect for all hair types. It is a natural sunscreen as well. I love products, which provide a multi-function

4. As I am Shea Moisture Smoothing Gel to enhance and seal all the products I added before.

I like keeping my hair routine very simple. For my trip to Seoul, as stated above I only packed four things to maintain my fro, but due to the change in climate, pollution and humidity I had to wash my hair while I was there ( yes, I do not wash my hair everyday, it is not good to wash it every day. Google it).

1. I just wet my hair and rinse all the dirt and dust from my hair with just water.

2.  I applied Thank God I am Natural TripleMoisture Conditioner to my hair and I apply a lot of it to my hair until it is evenly applied.

3. Next, I finger detangle my hair with the conditioner still in my hair. Sometimes I use a wide tooth comb, but this I forgot to pack; hence, I used what God gave me to get the job done. I was a little worried because I was in a hurry, but my hair detangled super duper easy

4. I showered while the conditioner was still in my hair and then rinsed about 85% of the conditioner out. I have not clue how I came up with that percentage, but I rinsed most of the conditioner out and left some in because I didn't bring a leaving conditioner.

5. After rinsing I used a cotton t-shirt to get some of the excess water out my hair and applied some Avocado oil evenly throughout my hair. About a quarter size will do because avocado is a very rich oil, so different hair textures would use a little more or less.

6. I sectioned my hair into four sections so it will be easy to style. Truthfully thought, I should have done this step while the conditioner was still in my hair, but I got carried away with loving how easy it was to detangle and forgot.

7. Time to style this baby. I literally just go through my hair section by section and finger comb my hair with As I am Shea Moisture Smoothing Gel. My hair is damp, not dripping wet and I can see curls getting more defined and I start thanking the universe because I usually pack ten different products out of fear of not having all the things I need I need to do a major wash and go. 

8. I looked in the mirror and I said, "danmmmm, Lecy you are ready for the world.

TGINl Triple Moisture Conditioner and As I am Smoothing Gel were purchased at and Now Avocado Oil was purchased at iherb.comIt's a whole lot of damn words in this post, but this routine took only 15 minutes.  Easy, beautiful and shiny in 15 minutes! Try it and thank me later! Let me know your thoughts in the comments section below and thank you for reading :)) Lxxx

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