A Guide to Udo Island

September 30, 2015

Getting to Udo

Take a ferry from Seongsan Harbor on the east side of the island. Depending on the season and weather the ferry schedule varies. Usually mornings to about 6 pm.


Only a whopping 5,500₩ round trip, which is about $5.50, depending on the exchange rate. 

Getting Around Udo

Walking, running, hopping, crawling, bicycle, ATV, electric bike, bus or car. You name it, you can do it! My friend and I choose the electric scooter route. It cost 40,000₩ or $40 dollars. My friend and I split the cost. That was so much fun to drive/ride around in and, even more, fun to drive. I felt like I was doing my part for the environment when I was driving it :)  You will need an international license for anything with a motor, so keep that in mind.


Camping is super popular in Udo. You can practically camp wherever you feel like, in South Korea, so I am sure it is the same in Udo. Friends have done it before. Just clean up after yourselves.

When to go? 

Anytime! I personally would not go in the summertime because they're one too many tourists traveling to Udo. Especially, during August because that's when most people are on vacation and will be heading there. Winter will be way too cold, but it would be nice on a super sunny winter day. 

What to eat? 

Ice cream!!! Hallabong ice cream or peanut ice cream! BOTH! They were both really good. I purchased my ice cream at a popular hautè called Udo Prince (우도 왕자). My friend and I bought the hallabong flavor and the gentleman who served us gave us a sample of the peanut flavor. That was the BOOM, too! I not able to speak about the food on the island because I didn't eat there, but I am sure you can find a few places to eat there. Especially Jeju black pork. If you do make it to Udo, I hope you enjoy it! :)

✹If think of other tips, I will definitely update this post and if you have anything to add, please leave your thoughts in the comments section below. Thanks for reading this post. Lxxx

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