A Simple Act of Kindness

September 23, 2015

One of the most common questions I get when I tell people I live in South Korea is, if people treat me differently. The truth is people do treat me differently, but in a good way. That has been my experience, but others may beg to differ. Korea is an homogenous society. Most people have never seen people of different races- in person, except for Caucasians. With that in mind, I always have an open-mind. Also, I never change my energy towards people if they truly do not want to be mean. I usually smile when people stare at me and usually they smile, too or they get super uncomfortable and look away. Usually they smile though :)

For example, there is a lady who always stares at me from her cafe. Everyday I walk by her cafe and she is usually standing by the window, if she doesn't have customers. One day, I smiled with her as she stared at me and she smiled back. A couple of months went by and then we started waving at each other. Not a single word was exchanged, but I am always happy whenever I saw her. One day I decided to go inside the cafe because I saw a sign that she was selling mangoes. The first time I went to this cafe, I didn't know they only accepted cash for mangoes. The owner insisted I took the mangoes and paid her later when I had cash. To this, I politely declined.  She wouldn't have it. The mangoes were in a bag and in hands before I could slip out the door. Later in the evening I went back with cash and I paid her.

I've been to her cafe to purchase many mangoes, since then. Just a few days ago I was craving mangoes. Keep in mind that mangoes are very expensive here in South Korea. She immediately said the mangoes where not good enough to sell, so she wanted to give them to me for free. I politely declined, but she wouldn't let me walk out the door without the mangoes. They were in a bag and in my hands before I could even escape. Truthfully, I was so excited because there is nothing I love more than mangoes and FREE MANGOES! Yes, please! :)

She smiled and said she wished her cafe wasn't a kids cafe because she would have love for me to be able to enjoy things from the menu. I think locals are always so nice and kind to me and other foreigners and I am always so grateful. It really touches my heart and soul. This is what I'd like call a heart print. A gesture so small, yet it will never be forgotten. Life is all about the little things, yes it was just mangoes, but at the end of the day it is not about the mangoes. It's about the simple act of kindness :) Don't forget to enjoy the little things. Hope you enjoyed this post, let me know your thoughts in the comments section below.  Lxxx

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