Expoloring Jeju Island's West Coast Hallim

September 20, 2015

One of the best ways to explore Jeju Island is by car, scooter or motorbike. Thanks to my friend Minji for driving us around the island on a perfect day. Keep in mind it is September and it was hot. I threw on my favorite dress and my favorite sandals and I was ready to milk every ounce of what was left of the summer. Whether it was open roads, small roads or alleys, you name... we drove on it! Minji is a native of Jeju Island, so she knows the island inside out. All the side roads and back roads or as I like to call them MJ highway. They are usually very small, but thankful her small car is able to fit on the smallest roads, ever.

 I love exploring Jeju off its beaten path, so I think we are a match made in friend heaven :) A little spontaneity made the journey more exciting and the adventure sweeter! Yaaaay for Minji because we were able to just hop out of the car and check out the smaller towns on the coast. Hallim is a smaller town on the west coast and we drove a long the coast line. There were people fishing on the rocks, squid boats in the distance, people walking and driving to exploring the western coast. 

This was on the way to Heopjae for Sunday funday. See previous my post here. I hope you enjoyed this post and if you have ever driven on this road and have any recommendations about places to eat or nice coffee shops, please leave your comments in the section belew! Lxxx

Location: Hallim | Jeju Island | South Korea 

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