Weather Proof Hairstyle: Chiney Bums

September 24, 2015

Before I start, I do not know why Jamaicans call this hairstyle chiney bumps. It has nothing to do with China. Americans call it bantu knots, but I grew up with he term chiney bumps and I will continue to call them as such. Anywho, let me tell you about the birth of this hairstyle. There was a typhoon and I was stuck in the house for the whole day, so I decided deeeeeeep condition my hair. You know the kind of condditioner you keep in your hair for 6 hours? Yeah, that kind!  That turned into a head massage, then a trim and then chiney bums. 

This was my go to style when I was a kid growing up in Jamaica. Cabin fever made me doit at the ripe young age of * It took maybe an hour to do, including the time it took to trim my hair. I was happy with the results and I felt like a teenager all over again, minus the teenage romance and rules! Yay for adulting

I thought I would have taken them out, but I didn't. After waking up with all of them still intact, I decided to wear them out because my fro does not like the wind! I didn't want my hair blowing everywhere and drying out, so it was perfect. I loved the results and I rocked the hell out off them!, even if I got a few stares. HeheheI See some footage below!  I think  chiney bums may be typhoon, hurricane and tornado proof :) 

Check out the link to the video I made while I was in the typhoon ➤HERE.

Hope you enjoyed reading this post, leave your thoughts/comments below. If you know why chiney bumps are called chimney bumps, please let me know! Lxxx

Location: Seogwipo Market & Seongsan | Jeju Island | South Korea

Photos by Andy Ashton

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