Market Day: Seogwipo

September 21, 2015

Its market day!!!! I live for open markets in foreign countries and my home country of Jamaica. I love whenever I visit a new country or when I am at home in Jamaica because I get to go the markets. It's one the realist places, EVER. I can't tell you how many markets I've visited, but all I know is, it's one the best things to do when I travel. You should try it sometime in the future. There are always some special characters lurking inside the market, not to mention good bargains :)

 When I was a child I used to love going to the local market with my mommy in Jamaica because I loved the smell of all the spices, vendors shouting out prices, my mommy haggling with the vendors or even the over all smell of the market, which is usually not great. For some reason the smell rocks my world! Hehehe Here on Jeju Island I love all that and more about the markets here. Jeju island has a good selection of markets to choose from. I usually go to the everyday market if I absolutely need something or l love go to a market called Seogwipo Five Day Market (locations change everyday), it is the equivalent of a farmers market. Everything is freshhhhh and grown here in Jeju. That's a win for me because I love freshhhhh produce! 

The vendors usually give me random things for free :) Who doesn't like free kimchi and free veggies?!  I get a few stares and people telling me how beautiful they think I am (blush), I'm not bothered though... I usually just smile with everyone :D  It is not my problem if people are staring, so I just do my thing. My mango lady who told me I was beautiful, followed by sticking her cute little hands in my hair, then tossed an extra mango in my bag. I love mangoes, so an unsolicited touch of my fro for free mangoes was an excellent deal :) I am never offended by this, I only have love for the market peeps.  I lost most of my pictures on my broken phone, but I managed to still have a few shots. I usually buy mangoes, fish, vegetables and Korean sauces at Seogwipo Five Day Market! The sauces are so damn good! Wish I had more pictures. Next time I go, I will take more pictures. I hope you enjoyed this post, please leave your thoughts in the comments section below! Lxxx

Location: Seogwipo | Jeju Island | South Korea
Photos by Lecia

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