Mermaid Life: Jeju Island

September 15, 2015

Summer is by far my favorite season and I love that I live on an island. Jeju Island is not a tropical island, but a sub-tropical island with four distinct seasons. It feels like the universe has given me an endless summer this year and I can't help but feel a little nostalgic. Growing up in Jamaica, I got to truly enjoy endless summers and Jeju Island always gives me a feeling of home. There is nothing I love more than to frolic in the river and ocean, I say frolic because I cannot swim. I know what you are thinking... How am I from Jamaica and cannot swim? Basically, I lived in the countryside and there were no places to take classes. Also, neither one of my parents can swim and I had a bad experience at the river. Thankfully I am not scared of the water anymore. Not to worry, if I have a life vest on, no one can tell me I'm not a mermaid :D.

I am all about that mermaid life, but safety first ;)
Anywho, I won't get tooooooooo deep about my non swimming ways. I love the water and that's all that matters and I've placed 'learn to swim' on my bucket list !!! Close to my home there is a cool little swimming area with magical views called Oedolgae Rock. It is super cool. You can learn more about it here.

The girls catching dinner

They caught dinner, but threw them back into the ocean
While my friends were diving, I was hanging out on the rock catching some rays
My friends and I went here on the weekend. Both Kim and ALex can swim, free dive and are the real mermaids, so I was n good company. They can even catch dinner if they have to and save me if necessary:-) I usually go to this spot after work or on the weekends. Each time I go, it is a bit different. It all depends on the weather. On this day, it was hot and it was about to rain, but it was absolutely magical! Thank you, universe and thanks to you for reading my post. Please leave your thoughts in the comments section below.

Here are a few more of the pictures I took just before sunset :-) Lxxx

View of Saeyeongyo Bridge in the distance
Even though it is about to rain, the view was still clear
Suggestions: If you should ever visit Oedolgae Rock be prepared to be blown away, but please wear closed toe shoes because it quite rocky; hence the name Oedolgae Rock.

Location: Seogwipo
Photos by Lecia

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