The Process of Growing my Eyebrows Out

September 04, 2015

I can never forget the day I decided to wax my eyebrows. It was the summer of 2002 and I was going to Senior Prom. I decided to go with some friends to get my eyebrows waxed, so I could be "cute." It may have been junior prom, but in any event it was one of those high school functions. I will never forget the pain and asking myself  "why did I decided to do this?"  I was feeling cute after and thought I looked different... Then I went home and my dad said, something was different about me or something was missing from my face, LOLs. I told him what I had done, and he said it was ludicrous I went and had my natural beauty removed.  At the time I was so happy to get my eyebrows shaped and they looked "normal and cute." Ain't nobody thinking about natural beauty at 18 years old. Can I get a amen?!?!
Anywho, Now looking back my dad knew exactly what he was talking about because now I am growing my eyebrows back because I cannot be bothered to wax them anymore. Also, like my brows in its natural state these days. It is crazy how waxing was super easy, but growing them back isn't as easy. I may have to get some rogain to help with the regrowth the process, but I will try to be patient. Yes, it has come to that. If you have a little rogain chilling in your medicine cabinet, please send it my way :D

Tips & Tricks

1. Massaging the area with a small eyebrow brush to simulate re-growth. 

2. Taking a supplement, like biotin. 

3. Filling them in with a pencil or powder that is close to your hair color

4. Whatever you do, do NOT tweeze. 

5. Just don't look at you eyebrows because you will tweeze it. Sometimes I reach for the tweezer, but I have come such a long way- I usually put it down.

6. Use some Aloe Vera to moisturize the area. Aloe helped my natural hair to grow fast-ish, so it must be good for eyebrows, too. Leave it on for 20-30minutes, rinse, followed by your facial routine.

7. Lemon apparently is great for thickness  so why not rub some lemons on your eyebrows with a cotton swab. Watch your eyeballs ladies and gents ;)

8. Coconut oil! I use it for everything, so why not my eyebrows. Loaded with vitamin E, it is good as gold. Use a cotton swab to apply it to eyebrows. Sleep with it on and wash it off in the morning.

9. Caster oil, this might be the one that really ramps up growth. Loaded with proteins, vitamins and antioxidants. This can be used overnight, as well. 

10. Olive oil is loaded with vitamin E and may speed the grow process.

There is an oil for everything. Make use to test a small area before using any products over night. Wouldn't want to have a reaction to anything in you sleep. If you know any tips and tricks for growing eyebrows, please let me know. I am about seven months in the process and I will take any help, I can get :) Thank you for reading this post. Let me know your thoughts in the comments section below. xo

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