Sunday Funday Bonus: More Photos

September 19, 2015

Unfiltered, unedited photos from Sunday funday the other day. Rosè, pizza, vespa and sunset! Not sure if we were supposed to be on the vespa, but  I won't tell if you won't tell :D This rosè is so damn good! Check my old post out for all the deeds on this wickedly good devil juice :))))) 

This was a super fun day exploring Jeju with my friend. A little lighthearted fun is always good for the soul. I never take myself too seriously and I suggest you shouldn't take yourself too seriously either! Eat, drink (wine), pray and love all day...everyday! Well maybe not all day on the wine bit. Everything in moderation, except for eat, pray and love! :) 


I hope you enjoyed scrolling through this madness, please leave your thoughts in the comments below. Lxxx

Location: Code #46610 | Hoepjae | Jeju Island | South Korea
Photos by Lecia and Minji

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