Sunday Funday: Sunset and Wine Edition

September 19, 2015

 One of the best places to watch the sunset on Jeju Island is in a town called Aewol. I was super pumped to go there, but my friend Minji and I didn't make it there. Instead, we ended up here, in Heopjae. We got a little distracted. Our distractions included a bottle of rosé, pizza and we even ended up with a bottle to go. Don't worry the bottles weren't the standard size (750ml), but half the size of a standard bottle of wine. Technically it was just a splash of rosé. Thank Jeezyy we didn't go to Aewol because we would have missed this spectacular sunset. Sunday funday was a success! :)

Once we were sorted with our wine, towel, and cameras with only a limited battery power, we were ready to enjoy what Mother Nature had bestowed upon us. She was smiling down at us and everything was quiet and peaceful The wine was all gone and it was getting chilly. Damn you, autumn!!! The wine I mentioned before is quite lovely called Rare Project Rosé. It is available a select restaurants and cafes on Jeju Island and in Seoul. You can contact the wine company to find out about where the wine is sold or events they sponsor. Click HERE for more information about Rare Project Rose´. Hope you liked this post lovelies, don't forget to plan your days around sunset! Please leave your thoughts and comments section below. Lxxx

  Location: Heopjae Beach | Jeju Island | South Korea
Photos by Lecia and Minji
Wine: Rare Project Rosé
Sunset: Mother Nature

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