Good Hair

October 04, 2015

My fro has been a topic of conversation for years. I talked my friends to death about how I wanted to go my natural, but always end up relaxing/perming my hair, ahhhhhhhagain and ahhhhhhhgain. Then when I started to go natural, I talked everyone to death about how excited I was and I how I couldn't wait until my hair was natural again.  I ate, prayed and grew my hair out almost two years ago. I did chop a ton off, but it has been the best decision I've ever made. It is just hair, right!?! Now I'm here on a blog talking about my hair. Some things never change :))

The Story

This evening I was teaching one of my classes and suddenly it dawned on one of my students that my hair was different from a few days prior. He yelled out in the middle of class "your hair is different today, teacher!" I asked him what did he mean. He said, my fro was bigger than the day before. His face looked confused and happy all at the same time. I told him my hair gets bigger, smaller, super dry, or super soft depending on the weather. His eyes lid up. I pulled my hair down to show him that it was super springy. Then he asked if he could touch my hair. He totally thought my hair was a toy. I obliged... He enthusiastically yelled out like he caught the Holy Spirit, "It's amazing, you have GOOD HAIR." I laughed and asked him what he meant by "good hair." He said that my fro was so springy and fun, which means my hair was good hair. I literally couldn't stop laughing because he really believed what he was saying. I can't say I disagree with him. My hair is good, springy and fun. 

Teaching Opportunity

The idea of good hair or bad hair freaks me out, though, so instead of relishing in my good hair moment. I chose to use it as an opportunity to teach my class something very important. I told there was no such thing as good or bad(when it came to beauty), beautiful or ugly because we are all different and unique in our own individual way. And, I mentioned beauty is not only on the outside but on the inside, too. Blah, blah, blah and so on.... I felt like an awesome teacher in the moment, but the same student raised his hand once again and asked if he could touch my hair aaaaaaahgain because I had good hair. He basically said, the same thing! Hehehehe That teaching moment went right over his head, at least, I tried, right?! :))

FYI, I'm totally not offended if someone touches my hair. If someone's asks and I know them it's is fine, but I am weirded out if a stranger starts touching my hair out of nowhere. It has happened before, but that's for another post. Hehehe 

Thank you for reading this post. Leave your thoughts in the comments section below, pretty please :)) Lxxx 

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