Lovely People

October 14, 2015

I love Korea for so many reasons. My job, the food, the people, the rice wine, the soju. Did I mention the food?! It has been an all around great experience for me. This morning as I was walking to working I saw a group of elderly people sitting down in the shade by my selfie spot. It has good light people! Don't judge me, Hehehehe I recognized a few people and a few of them recognized me as well because my neighborhood is very small. 


As per usual, we said hello and smiled with each other. It suddenly dawned on me that even though I had seen some of the people from the group before, that I had never been this close to them before. They started asking me where I was from and how they thought I was beautiful(blush). Also, how they thought my legs were very long.  I smiled, blushed and said thank you. The whole thing melted my heart because I thought they were beautiful, as well. Don't worry, I told them they were beautiful, too.

Hardworking People

These lovely people are super hard working. They were resting in the shade because they were tired from picking up trash from around the neighborhood. They do this a few times per week. From as early as seven in the morning until late afternoon. Keep in mind that most of these elderly people are over the age of seventy. Let me say that again, SEVENTY! They are filled with so much energy, even at the ripe age of seventy years old. Next time we complain about out jobs, think about these badasses! I am grateful for this moment because it is all about the little things and finding inspiration in the place we leave expect it. Can't wait to see them again. I wonder what our next conversation will be like...

 Thank yo so much for reading this post. Please leave your thoughts in the comments section. Lxxx

Location: Seogwipo | Jeju island | South Korea
Photo by Lecia

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