Teaching in South Korea: Field Trip

October 03, 2015

Teaching in South Korea has been such an awesome experience for me. I have been really lucky to be working here on and off for six years and for great schools. Yes, six years! I cannot believe it has been that long. I guess time goes by fast when I'm having fun. I love teaching and it never feels like work for me because I have such a good time. Of course, there are days when I feel beyond exhausted, but I am usually exhausted from all the singing and dancing I do :))


My school goes on field trips every month and usually we go somewhere that's great for kids. It has to be fun :) I only do fun stuff anyways, so it works for me :D My students are usually very busy, so I enjoyed watching them have fun. On this occasion, we went to Ilchul Land. After raining for what seemed like most of the week, it was sunny. Ilchul Land was perfect because it's a big park that has well-manicured lawns, bonsai trees, coy ponds, palm trees, water fountains and small waterfalls. 

I almost forgot to mention the main attraction of the park is Micheon Cave. Within the cave is a lava tube and some parts are quite low. There are a few lava tubes here on Jeju island and this is definitely cool. Inside was cold and water was dripping from the top of the lava tube, but that was all part of the fun. I wish I had a proper picture from inside, but I could snap a good one and I was busy with my kiddos.  It was definitely a cool experience for my students and me.

Also, my students were able to design their own clay cups with water paint. They are so creative and everyone came up with their own design. After designing our clay pots, we had lunch on the grass under a tree with the statue of a giraffe. All the kids brought their own lunch and the mommies usually make lunch for all the teacher. I am allergic to egg, so my students always tell their mommies to make mine without egg. We had kimbap, rice balls, sandwiches, bacon rolls and kimchi. KIMCHI!!! Kimchi in the park. It was good kimchi, too!! Mmmmmmm... I'll post a couple of picture about the spread.

I hope you liked this post. Please leave you thoughts in the comments below. Lxxx

Location: Ilchul Land | Jeju Island | South Korea
Photos by Lecia and Deborah

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  1. What an awesome experience to have? I loved reading your post!

  2. How gorgeous are you and your students are so cute! I am planning to teach in Korea next year and I hope have an awesome experience like you.



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