Exploring Jeju Island: Sangumburi Crater

November 10, 2015

Fall on Jeju Island has been a little different. The weather was milder than the mainland of Korea, except for a few days. Since, the weather is so much milder here, it has been difficult for see the foliage. Only place I have seen any real changes was when I drove through the mountain. Also, I have yet to see any maple, gingko or smokebush trees in my neighborhood. What I have seen a lot of though is the eulalia plant. They are everywhere and I am borderline obsessed with them. For someone who is from a place of endless summers, it is quite odd that I love this wintery plant. I guess, I've turned into a true nature lover. They grow all over Jeju Island and I always smile when I see them. When I finally got up close with this plant, I totally forgot I was standing next to a crater! Sangumburi Crater to be exact.

Sangumburi Crater

Sangumburi Crater is a flat crater with a variety of vegetarian. A friend of mine knew the area would be filled with the Eulalia plant and she took me there. To get to Sangumburi Crater, you must first walk though a small park with amazing views on the way. On a clear day, I am sure Halla Mountain would be in clear view. There are several smaller mountains in a distance and tons of greenery and  MY eulalia plants.  Also, I think all the damn maple trees and gingko trees are on the crater. After going back to a video I took, I saw that maple trees were indeed one of the many trees there. Anywho, the air was crisp and the sun was out in all its glory. I was worried about my attire because it was very once I got to crater. I am sure my dress blew up a few times, rest assured I had shorts on :)))

In Every direction there was an amazing view and tons of plants. If you are a nature lover like myself, or even if you are not a nature lover- you would have fell madly in love with the scenery, too.

How Sexy is my Eulalia Plant?

Once I was finished going mad for the landscape and my favorite plant on the island, it was time to see the actual crater. We walked for about 10 minutes and then we came upon the crater. I was surprised because I didn't expect it to look like an overgrown forest. The area has tons of different trees growing in one space, including maple trees, magnolia trees and rare winter strawberry trees- just to name a few. Its a mad scientist's haven because of the different vegetation growing closely in the same area. Like most craters on Jeju island, it was fenced off.  In order to protect the vegetatian from us human... hehehehe Visitors were only able to look at the crater from a far, but the view was still spectacular. Around the crater was a huge park, which would be perfect for a picnic and with some WINE! Or just relaxing...I saw a guy just lying in the grass and he asked me to join him, so I DID! We kissed mother earth with our bodies and said our goodbyes... Only in Korea! Video coming soon! :))

The Food 

After walking around the park we had a snack at a small restaurant on the premises. Korean buckwheat pancakes (bing-ddoek in Korean), Korean pancakes (pajeon in Korean) and peanut rice wine (ttangkong makgeolli). All were very yummy. I particularly loved the buckwheat pancakes (bing-ddoek in Korean). The buckwheat pancake was almost like a crepe and it was filled with seasoned radish. SOOOOOO GOOOOOD! Pajeon is one of my favorite things, EVER! It is basically pancake mix (Korean style) with green spring onions,carrots and chili peppers. The peanut rice wine (ttangkong makgeolli) was awesome. It didn't have a strong peanut flavor, as I had expected and it was the perfect pairing with the pancakes.
Buckwheat Pancake


Most parks in Korea usually very cheap. A visit to Sangumburi will only cost you about 6,000 won/$6.00 depending of the exchange rate. I paid only 5,000 won because I was able to use my Korean ID card. 

How to get there?

There are many ways to get there. Honestly it is so damn far and not the easiest place to get to without a car. I drove by it several times with my friends, but never went. I ended up grabbing a bus there and of course we got lost, but I did a little digging and found out how to get there. You can even take a tour bus if that tickles your fancy. If you are driving then just map the location in google maps and you are good to go. Since getting there by bus will be the most complicated, I will give you the deets on that. Your welcome :))

By Bus

From Jeju City: Grab the 720-1 at Jeju intercity bus terminal heading to Beonyeong-ro  and get off at Sangumburi. Traveling time is about an hour and a half. This bus doesn't operate on a regular basis, so make to check the bus schedule at he bus stop.

From Seogwipo:  Grab the 781 heading towards Jeju City at Emart(this bus can be caught at a few places, but Emart is easy to find) get off at the entrance of Gyorae Ip-Gu. There is an intersection there, so make sure to let the bus driver know where you would like to get off. Then change to the 720-1 and get off at Sangumburi.

Thank you so much for reading this post and do let me know if I forgot something. I always look forward to some feedback. Also, please don't hesitate to shoot me a message if you need help finding this spot! Thanks to Angela for taking me here and for being my photographer. Please leave your thoughts in the comments section below. xo Check out more photos HERE

Location: Sangumburi Crater | Jeju Island | South Korea
Photos by Lecia and Angela

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  1. You are beautiful! Great post! it made me smile :))

  2. Nice pictures. I want to visit Jeju next year. Sangumburi will be on my list. Thanks!



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