Fall in Washington DC

November 05, 2015

This is a late post, but I decided to post it anyways. Fall in the DC metropolitan area is always so beautiful. The energy of the city after the crowded summer season is finally over and it is so calm. Everyone's getting back into the swing of work and kids are back in school. I was one of the only people not back at work on my last visit because I was in search of my next adventure. I usually visit the states in the summer or around Christmas time, so it was an awesome change of pace and scenery.

The DC Metro area has been my second home for over a decade (I went to university there), yet it always feels fresh and new to me. I am always in the mood to explore whenever I am in town. I wanted to go and check out the DC monuments, though I have done it a thousand times before. I genuinely enjoy going back to all the places I have been. I always find time to do all the touristy stuff when I am in town.

The Scene in DC

I love that the seasons are so distinctly different on the East Coast. Since, I am from Jamaica, it never gets old to experience all four seasons. Though I could live without another winter in my life, but whelp! The leaves had started to change and the weather was perfect after the sweltering summer. The fall sunlight was perfect and luminescent. It was pure magic. Also, the foliage and monuments were the perfect backdrop for a Nicholas Spark movie or the next DC scandal. 

I was super pumped when a friend from Canada was in town because it was an opportunity to show her around and catch up. We ended up at The National Mall, The White House, The World War II Memorial and The Lincoln Memorial to say hi to the homie, Abraham Lincoln. For October the weather was still beautiful and I had just came back to the area after an awesome two months in Italy.  We managed to visit about four monuments, not to far from each other. If you ever visit Washington DC, do wear some comfortable shoes and walk around the city. Walk until you can't anymore because it will be worth it, not to mention the 10, 000 or more steps you would have taken in one day.

Other Recommendations

Doing all the cliche things like I did on this trip was amazing, but there are so many more things to do in the city or just a bit outside the city in neighboring Maryland or Virginia. The Renaissance Festival in Maryland is always the FUN or heading over to Virginia for wine tasting. I have heard great things about Stone Tower Winery

I made a list of things to do if you should ever visit Washington DC.  I will post it soon. I am sure there are tons of guides out there, but these are just my personal recommendations. What are your favorite things to do in the fall in the Washington DC Metropolitan area? Would love to know what you guys get up to! Thank you for reading this post and don't forget to leave your thoughts in the comments section below. xo

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