Monsant Cafe on Jeju Island

December 10, 2015

Monsant Cafe is one of the coolest coffee shops I've been to. It's modern, sophisticated and the location is to die for. When my friends and I visited, we were lucky to get seats. Like most beautiful coffee shops in Korea, it was packed. Rumer has it, it is owned by G-Dragon (famous Korean rapper), but it's just a rumor. My friend who was so gracious to take me here isn't sure who started the rumor. One thing is for certain, the rumor isn't hurting business because the cafe was busy both times I've visited.
Located on the northwestern side of Jeju Island. Monsant Cafe is perfect for a coffee enthusiast and nature lovers. Koreans are all about their coffee and nature, so this is a perfect marriage here on Jeju Island. The structure is all glass and the glass is reflective. Makes for the perfect location for sunsets, photoshoots and of course coffee. My friend took a few shots of me 'pretend modeling', but we spotted girl having a full on photoshoot outside the establishment. The location is breathtaking with amazing views of the ocean and small mountains in a distance. Also, another famous coffee shop is located just a stone throw away called Bomnal.
I'm not a coffee drinker, but I loved their mulled wine. On the menu, it is listed in french, Vin Chaud. It was legit. It's always hard to find quality mulled wine in Korea and this is by far the best. My friend loved the coffee so much, she drank two cups. Also, there is an extensive brunch menu, but we opted for the carrot cake, which was amazing! We purchased one to share but purchased a second because it was so devilishly good.
If you visit Jeju Island, Monsant Cafe should be on your list. If not for coffee, then just to check out the area. I was pleasantly surprised that everything was reasonably priced and the service was great. Also, the music played is sort of clubby, but I enjoyed it nonetheless. I hope you enjoyed reading this post. Please leave your comments in the section below. 

Location of Monsant Cafe

Address: 2546 Aewol-ri, Aewol-eup, Jeju-do, South Korea
Contact: 064-799-8900


Catch bus #702 from Jeju City Intercity Bus Terminal ►towards Gosan. It should take about 45 minutes. Get off at Han Dam Dong bus stop and you are only a few minutes walk from Monsant Cafe. 

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