Teaching in South Korea: Ugly Sweater Christmas Party

December 30, 2015

It is always great to go off the books every once in a while. Since it is Christmas time, I decided to have a fun ugly Sweater party with my students. This is a party I have only done with adults before, but it was way more fun with my students. I am glad my school is totally relaxed and I can change the schedule from time to time.

All the students brought in a sweater. I purchased a few decorations and the student with the ugliest sweater got a prize. Hot chocolate of course. It was nice to see the kids decorate their sweaters. Also, they had free reign to run around the classroom, which they loved.

In addition to all the decorating and ornaments I purchased, they requested a picture of my boyfriend, to put on their sweater. They felt sad he couldn't join our party like he did last year, so this was their way of including him in the party. They are always super thoughtful.

After we were finished taking pictures we had snacks and hot chocolate together. Also, I awarded Chloe with her prize for the ugliest sweater. She was elated, but she was very hot, so she took her sweater off before I could snap a photo, but you can check it out in the video below. They were all exhausted, tired and hot from running around the classroom. I think it is safe to say the party was a success.

How to Recreate this Ugly Sweater Christmas Party

  1. Before the party, I asked students to bring an old sweater.
  2. Purchase decorations. They are pretty reasonable the week before or the week of Christmas.
  3. Bring in a few funny props for pictures after.
  4. Listen to Christmas jams while decorating, to get the whole class in a festive spirit.
  5. Let students play for a little while, while getting a peek of their classmates sweaters.
  6. Prepare a small snack for students to have after they are finished playing. My co-teacher brought in cookies and hot chocolate. 
  7. Award the winner with a small prize. Nothing expense. Something that you know kids would like. My co-teacher and I knew our students loved hot chocolate, so that was a terrific prize for our class. 

Video from our Party

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