Travel and Friendship

December 17, 2015

One of the best parts about traveling is making friends along the way. When I left the Jamaica and America to travel back in 2009, little did I know I would make tons of friends along the way. In America, talking to a random stranger is just weird. However, travelers connect very easily and there is never weirdness. This is because many people travel solo and meeting new people comes with the territory. Also, if you have traveled for a while, having a casual chat with a stranger is totally normal. 

Some people became my friends and then your family away from family. Shoutout to Busan for bringing some of the most badass chicks and dudes in my life. One of those badass's (Liesl) headed back to South Africa recently. Who knew growing up in Jamaica, that I would have a bff from South Africa? It had never crossed my mind, but I am happy the universe brought Liesl and many other great people in my life. It's all because of traveling. 

I've realized the world is much smaller than I had imagined it to be. With so many different ways to communicate, there is always a way to stay connected. I love that my father can call me from the states, connect with my boyfriend in Italy (in any form of communication), FaceTime my friend in Australia, then email a friend in Dubai, text with my bestie in Jamaica, use Facebook messenger to chat with a great friend in England or connect with good friends in China through Instagram. That's all in one day. All these modes of communication have helped me to stay connected with many friends around the world.

As I said "see you later" to Liesl for the second time. I thought of all the people, that I've met along the way and how happy I am to have met them all. If some of you are reading this, know that I've thought about you all and have smiled at some point or another because of a moment we shared. While we may be separated by distance, nothing compares to the memories and time we have spent together. Cheers to friendship and to continued good fortune on your adventures - wherever you are in the world.

As for Liesl and I, we started our "see you later saga" somewhere we had some amazeballs memories. In Korea's second largest city, Busan, South Korea. We met up on Gwangali Beach and the weather Gods were awesome because it was a semi-warm day. We hung out on the beach and reminisced for a bit while we gazed at Gwangan Bridge. I couldn't think of a better way to say, "see you later" to another amazing friend. Bon voyage, Liesl and see you soon, thank you and all our friends for all the great memories! 

Throwback to an awesome sunrise with Liesl a few months ago in Gwangan. We gazed at Gwangali Bridge and the skyline and appreciated every second of it. We danced all night and all that was left to do was to see the sunrise with no regrets.

Thank you all for reading this post and I will leave you with this quote "Good friends are like stars, you don't always see them, but you always know they are there."- Christy Evans. 

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