Adventures in Korea: Gangwan-do

January 20, 2016

This is such an awesome throwback for so many reasons. It involves an epic road trip from the southeastern coast of South Korea all the way up to the northeastern coast, great friends and fantastic views along the way. Driving in South Korea can be tricky because it is every man for himself. I found that the coastal roads were less crowded and more scenic. It is a longer drive to Gangwan-do province, but it was totally worth it. My friend who was driving made the drive fun for everyone and he came prepared with an amazing playlist. Backstreet Boys, Rihanna, SirMix A lot to name a few.  Before I knew it we were in Gangwan-do and ready to explore. 


One of the places my friends and I stayed is called Sun Cruise Resort and Yacht. It is basically a boatel. That is how I can describe it or a hotel on the edge of a cliff. It overlooks Jeongdongjin Beach. One of the BEST places to see the sunrise in Korea. You can even take the train there from some cities in Korea, just to see the amazing sunrise just as you enter the area. For train tickets (CLICK HERE). For more information about this awesome hotel (CLICK HERE).  It was such a spectacular experience, yet the price was not obnoxious. They always have some great deals, if you book through Agoda. The weather was awesome and the views were amazing from every single angle. Lastly, but certainly not least, check out the rotating sky lounge. You can enjoy panoramic views of the area, that will not disappoint. My friends and I visited in the fall and it was still pretty warm. The struggle is real in Gangwon-do during winter, so if you are not a creature winter, plan on visiting in spring or fall. Summer would be way too hot and crowded when everyone is on vacay. 

Seoraksan National Park is not too far away (CLICK HERE)Yong Pyeong Ski Resort is in the area if winter sports are your jam (CLICK HERE). Also, Feel free to camp along Korea's eastern coast for free. Check out Naksan Beach in Yangyang, (CLICK HERE) along with other beaches along the coast. Lastly, but certainly not least, the sunrise in Gangwan-do is to die for. As mentioned before, Jeongdongjin is the hot spot for sunrises, but any beach or mountain will not disappoint. I woke up super early in the morning just to watch the sunrise on Naksan beach in Yangyang. We went during October and the weather was great. Also, the food in this area is excellent. Lots of fresh seafood and locally grown vegetables for the unlimited side dishes. 
Naksan Beach in Yangyang


Sunrise on Naksan Beach in Yangyang

 Overall, this was a terrific trip and I would highly recommend road trippin' around Korea. Rent a car or travel by intercity bus, which is cheap and safe. It's the best way to see Korea and experience the beauty that Korea has to offer. Also, it is super easy getting around in Korea and people are really helpful. I hope you enjoyed this post or it was helpful in some way. Please leave your comments questions below. Thanks!  New post coming soon :) 

Sun Crusie Resort
950-39, Heonhwa-ro, Gangdong-myeon
Dongae, Gangwon-do
South Korea

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