Chanel Eco Runway Show

January 26, 2016

 I do love a bit of fashion and I always get a bit excited to see what designers come up with each season. This week is Paris Fashion week and I loved seeing all the concepts for the shows. I am impressed with the creativity that Karl Lagerfeld brings to both Chanel and Fendi fashion house (he designs for both fashion house) each year. While I do no have Chanel or Fendi money, I do appreciate the artistry this  gent puts into each collection and runway show. Word on the street this Chanel's first eco runway show and I am totally bowing down in my head to Karl Lagerfeld. Have you ever played doll house as a child? Well, this is what was created at the Grand Palais. A wooden doll house made from recycled materials. The garden looks uber peaceful and calm. Everyone in Paris must have been buzzing about it. It got my attention for sure. For more pictures from the runway show check out BEImages.
Just had to throw in a picture of Jamaican model Tami Williams who walked in the show and is an up and coming supermodel. I love seeing peeps from the land of my birth do cool things :)
[Photos: BEImages, Getty Images]

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  1. Why am I only seeing this now?! Live for fashion honey! :)

    1. I LIVE for it, too! Just don't have Chanel money ;)!!



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