Hitchhiking in South Korea

February 08, 2016

By far one of the best parts of traveling is meeting new people. Meeting someone new always brings a fresh perspective to every situation. I have been traveling and living overseas for the past seven years. During the seven years, I have met many wonder people. Take today, for example, my friends and I went to a Buddhist temple a bit out of town. We decided to take a shuttle bus there, even though it was a cold day. It was a gorgeous day. I was excited to test out my new camera and spend some time with my friends. We had a blast and it was time to head back to town.


We went to the shuttle bus stop and, of course, it was much colder because it was later in the evening. My friends jokingly said we should hitchhike. I jokingly told her it was a great idea and proceeded to stick my thumb out. Okay, maybe I really wanted to, but I was joking for the most part. Maybe three or four cars passed while my friends laughed and hid their faces. Suddenly, a car passed us and then turned around. I couldn't believe it. Someone actually stopped! We were laughing uncontrollably while our curiosity built.

Angel Nancy

Her name is Nancy. A beautiful young lady who cheerfully stopped her car and asked us where we were going. After a brief introduction, it turned out she was going in the same direction as us, so we hopped into her car. All while she apologized for her messy car (it was not messy). Nancy is beautiful, kind and charismatic. She told me the reason she pulled over was because she had hitchhiked before. In between lots of laughter she teased that she couldn't see me clearly, so next time I should position myself better :)) It turned out she was on her way to a Mexican restaurant in a small town, not far from our destination. Next thing I knew we were off to get Mexcian food together. 

Take Away from this Experience

It's all about the connection and an act of kindness on Nancy's part. I am all about energy and good vibes. In the past, when I had a bad feeling about something, something bad would happen. Also, when I had good feelings about something, good things would happen. So having a positive attitude is always my best policy. I would never hitchhike in certain parts of the world, but I have been living in South Korea six years. I am familiar with the people and South Korea is generally very safe. I would have never entered in the car if I was not comfortable with Nancy. I happy for the experience and that I am able to write about it now. Yayyyyyy for good people in the world! Thank you for reading this and my other posts. Please leave your comments in the section below.

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