22 Photos That Will Inspire you to Visit Jeju Island

March 24, 2016

I love on Jeju Island and with two more months left before a long vacation, I am already feeling nostalgic about my time here. These are just a few of my favorite spots and food here on Jeju. Feel free to share this post and thank you for reading my blog!

1. Yacheonsa Temple

 2. Rooftop Sunset in Seogwipo

 3. Jeongbang Waterfalls

 4. Sangumburi Crater

5. Sangbangsan

 6. Canola flowers in full bloom

7. Hallabong Ice Cream on Udo Island

 8. Between Udo Island and Seongsan at sunset

9. Soccer games at World Cup Stadium

10. Misty summer evening at Oedolgae

11. Seafood Soup with live abalone

12. Retired Haenyeo "sea women" at the Haenyeo school festival

 13. Sunset in Heopjae

 14. Camping at Hamdeok Beach

 15. Dol hareubang for proctection

 16. Freshly caught Octopus

17. Calamari in Andeok-myeon

18. View of Yongmeori

19. Wishing stones at Yacheonsa

20. Oedolgae before heavy rains

21. Canola flowers and Sangbansang

22. Tangerine Picking and misty Halla Mountain

See my spring post. It is a bit naughty, HERE.

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