Hibernation is Over: Daepo Jusanjeolli Cliff

March 01, 2016

One of the things I love about Korea is that tourist attractions are never overpriced. Not too far for Jungmun is, Daepo Jusanjeolli Cliff. Much like most of Jeju Island, Daepo Jusanjeolli is a natural wonder. With every new place I visit, I develop a deeper love for Jeju Island. Since hibernation almost over for me, it was the perfect day to explore.

About Daepo Jusanjeolli Cliff: For as little as $2.00 you can experience one of Korea's natural wonders. The eruption of Hallasan (South Korea's highest peak) millions of years ago created many unique rock formations around the island. Daepo Jusanjeolli Cliff has one of the many unique sites I have ever visited. I was really impressed with it's beautiful. I was surprised by how unreal the waves were when I visited. The waves crashed and leaped out of the ocean from time to time. Also, the rocks looked like pillars coming out of the ocean. They almost looked like they were carved by someone, but that would be impossible. It is just nature at it finest. After visiting, I realized it's the perfect location for a picnic. The area is big enough to have a secluded spot with a loved one, ideal for kids to roam around freely as well. As for me, I enjoyed listening to the crashing waves, while my friend took countless selfies :) I was perplexed I did not pack a bottle of wine or a block of cheese. Damn, that would have been so good, but next time for sure.

There are quite a few snacks to try, so if you get peckish or thirsty there is a bit of everything. One of the vendors offered me bugs, but I had to pass. I decided to try the tangerine juice. It was freshly squeezed and served in a cute bottle. Tangerines are grown locally here on Jeju Island. I love that!

Speaking of food...I was passing a group of people and one of the dudes farted. I swear it lasted longer than it should have. No one said anything to him in his group, but I was definitely startled. I know that anal exhales are natural, but come on! Thanks to baby Jesus I was not too close. The moral of this story is you should keep a good distance from people because you never what they will release.

Best time to visit: I visited February 29th to be exact. It was unusually warm for February, so I had a reason to get out of hibernation for a bit. I would suggest visiting during spring or fall though Daepo Jusanjeolli is open all year round. In Winter, it will be extremely cold. While in summer, it will be too hot. That is just my recommendation, but if you are can bear the extremes of each season then you can visit anytime.

Prepare for crowds of people: I guess I was not the only one out from hibernation because bus loads of tourists hopped off buses in droves. I did not realize it would have been as crowded as it was. Some people pushed as they walked along the narrow staircase. I just let most people pass me and took my time because pushing is not my style. I would suggest that you hold on to your personal items, especially your camera because it can easily slip out of your hands. I am not too bothered by overzealous tourists because I have been living in Asia for a long time. But for travelers new to Asia or Korea, just be aware that people generally move a bit faster and there might be some pushing involved. Do not take it personally, it comes with the territory. I found an area that was not crowded and that was my spot to chill out. It is located close to the entrance.

Photographs: If you are a non-Asian tourist, people will ask you to take photos with them. Also, there's always the occasional creep who will try to take pictures of you. I had to tell one creep to take his camera out of my face. That is always next level weird. If I am uncomfortable with something, I always speak up and I encourage you to do the same. Do not do anything you are not comfortable with, even if you do not know the local language. Body language is THE universal language of the world. I am happy to take pictures with anyone who is nice but not creeps. Hell to di naaaaaaaaah (insert Jamaican Patios)!
Selfie zone: 
Taking photographs here can be difficult because it was crowded.  There were many selfie sticks. And, this made it hard to get good solo shots without people in it. While I am a proud owner of a selfie stick, I left mine at home for this outing. No, judgment, it was just too crowded. You can try to find a spot and politely ask people to step out of your shot. Smiling helps. Think you can get just about anything with a smile on your face :) 

How to get there: 
It is located in Jungmun close to the posh hotels, but close to the International Convention Center. (ICC). There are a couple of ways to get there. 

By car: I went there by car which was very easy. I typed Daepo Jusanjeolli Cliff in Korean and English and both worked perfectly in my navigation. 

By Bus: Take bus 600 which is the airport Limousine. Get off at International Convention Center (ICC). The bus makes an announcement both in Korean and English prior to stopping.

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See my video about my visit to Daepo Jusanjeolli, HERE.

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