Cruising Around Seogwipo: Jeju Island

April 28, 2016

The sun came out after raining for a few days and it was the perfect time to cruise around my neighborhood. With only a short time left here, I am enjoying every bit of it. Usually, I feel tired after work, but I wanted to take advantage of the gorgeous evening. I grabbed my bicycle and off I went to find beauty. 

It didn't hurt that it was right before sunset. The air was clean and crisp and this made me ride further than I had planned. I am so lucky and happy I got to experience Jeju Island. I am going to miss the sunsets here when I leave in May. 

Jeju Island is the perfect place to cycle because of the natural landscape is incredible. Since it is now spring everything is lush and green. I even got the urge to exercise for a bit.

Each day after work I look forward to the sunset and it never disappoints. I am still working on waking up for the sunrise, but I am happy I get beautiful sunsets to compensate. I wish I could wake up before sunrise and go to be at 9 pm. One of these days it will happen until then I will continue to enjoy the sunsets and I will continue to be a night owl.

Thank you for reading my blog and always remember to enjoy all the little things around you. Happiness lies in the simplest things. x

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