Football Games at World Cup Stadium: Jeju Island

April 25, 2016

It is always awesome to experience football (soccer) games in other countries. I often reminisce about games at my Jamaican high school because they were emotional. All sporting events in Jamaica are pretty intense. Football and track and field are the most difficult sports for me to watch. I turn into an aminal. In Korea, only a few patrons get emotional over football (soccer), but baseball is where real emotions run deep. During a big event like the World Cup and Summer Olympics people get fired, but for the most part, people are super chill at the games. 

Jeju's World Cup Stadium 

Located in Seogwipo, this stadium was built to host the 2002 FIFA World Cup. Both South Korea and Japan played hosts to one of the most exciting sporting events in the world. Since then it has been the home to Jeju United FC. I was super excited they made it to the playoffs last season and I hope they will bring their A game this season. The design of the stadium is beautiful and it is always a great view from near and far. It looks like the mouth of a volcano on purpose because of Jeju Island's volcanic landscape. Once inside I always feel very small because of its size. The stadium can fit close to 36,000 people, but it is never full to capacity.

I have always loved going to football games (soccer) in Korea. Besides the game, there is always something exciting happening in the aisles during the game. I usually yell and just act a damn fool. Just before this game ended, Outback Steak House was giving away their whole wheat bread with butter. So random, but that is such a Korean thing.  Something free comes with everything and something free is usually handed out at the games. Sometimes after the games, there would be a random event. Once there was a DJ party. Another time there was a car show. And my favorite, a horse meat BBQ. You just never know what each game will bring. 


Games are surprisingly inexpensive. With the cheapest tickets starting at $7.00, it surprises me that more people do not attend the games. For that price, spectators can sit practically anywhere in the stadium, except for a few areas. Most sporting events are always cheap. I am all about having a good time, without breaking the bank. 


The food choices are usually limited to dried fish and corn dogs, but recently Outback Steak House opened at the stadium. While I love all the other snacks, I was loving this option because I never get a chance to go to Outback. Outback serves only side dishes and beer, but that's more than enough. I opted for the Aussie French Fries and chicken wings. It was savory and delicious.


I have some more video footage I would like to share, but I will have to share it in another post. If you would like to attend a game, you can purchase tickets at the stadium. The stadium is never full to capacity, so tickets are always available. Thanks for reading my blog, lots of new videos and post coming soon! 

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