How I spent my Weekend in Seogwipo

April 12, 2016

Lee Jung Seop Art Street is the center of downtown Seogwipo. And, where I've called home for over a year. The city is mostly quiet, but it has its charm. Part of that charm lies here on this very street. The namesake of this street, Lee Jung Seop, was an artist. Lee Jung Seop and his family were refugees on Jeju Island during the Korean War. They lived in Seogwipo for only a year, but he did  his best works while he lived here.

This is a replica of the small house Lee Jung Seop shared with his wife and children when he resided here. It was modest accommodations, but he managed to find happiness here during a time of war here.
 Though the street has historical and artistic significance, it is known for its beauty too. The gardens around the area are beautiful. Since it's springtime, everything is fresh. And, all the flowers are in full bloom and it is easy to fall into total island mood.

I love a good stroll around my neighborhood when the weather is beautiful outside. Thankfully I was medicated and on the mend (I have terrible spring allergies and the flu). I should stay away from flowers, but a girl has to live a little. There have been so many changes to the street lately. This is due to some of the shops and restaurants closing to make way for big hotels. This is terrible for the neighborhood, but with tourism expanding at a rapid pace, more and more small business are paying the price. My favorite cafe on the street, Mayb (that's the spelling) is moving to the bottom of the street. 

I was surprised when I saw a new cafe at the bottom of the street. This is prime real estate, so hopefully will be a successful venture for the owners. I don't even like pink, but the color brightened my day. The cafe was setting up to open on April 20th, but my first impression so far was good. Beautiful chandeliers and beautiful English tea cups. And, great service from the owner. She was super friendly and spoke some English.

Not too far from Lee Jung Seop Street is the ocean. The ocean is usually visible from the Lee Jung Seop Street and I love heading over to the ocean so a bit. With only a few more months left here, I look forward to lots of walks around the town. 
One of the things I love about Seogwipo is, no matter how gray it is outside on some days, the sun aways peaks out for a bit. Then the clouds would clear, too. After getting some much-needed vitamin D, it was time to head home and recharge. I was not feeling well because of the flu it was time to take another dose of meds. I needed food and as luck would have it I spotted a new place. They only had one item on the menu and if it is good, then why not. 

With this simple sign, I was game to try this black pork crepe. The crepe was made of buckwheat flour and filled with an assortment of cabbage, sesame leaf, carrots, and dressing. And, of course, black pork (specialty on Jeju Island) and a light mustard based dressing. It was actually pretty good and the guy that runs the place was nice and super friendly. I will definitely have to visit this place again. It is terrible I cannot remember the name, so I will have to update this post. 

This sums up my relaxing Saturday. and though I was sick I felt like I did a lot. Nothing like a good walk around the neighborhood to revive my little soul. Thanks for reading this post and please leave a comment in the section below, if you have one! Until next time, don't forget to make beautiful memories every day :)

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