Oedolgae Rock: Time to myself

May 19, 2016

With only a few more weeks left in Korea, I am revisiting all my favorite spots around my neighborhood in Seogwipo, Jeju Island. For those of you who don't know, Seopwipo is located on Jeju Island, South Korea. It's the second-largest city on the island, though sometimes it feels much smaller. With a vast landscape, it is always easy to find natural beauty just outside my door. On sunny days I never stay indoors and why would I want to... With the ocean just a stone throw away, this Jamaican girl needs to be close to the ocean or mountain.

 When I came back to Korea the second time around, I wanted to be somewhere that was very quiet. After living on the mainland for years, I wanted a bit of solitude. Living in big cities like Busan, Seoul or Changwon can be awesome because of the abundance of things to do. I loved the fast paced lifestyle of living on the mainland, too. But Jeju Island had given me endless reasons to live a healthier lifestyle. and more opportunities to be one with nature. I guess after all those late nights in Changwon, dancing on tables, Sunday fundays, Busan weekends and Seoul all-nighters I yearned for something more. 

Time to myself

Seopwipo has been the perfect place to relax and get to know 'me' on a deep level. When I lived on the mainland I always made plans with friends to something. These days I dislike making plans and I keep my circle small deliberately, so I can have more to myself. Also, I have an awesome man, so a girl has to keep the love connection strong via all modes of communication. I honestly cannot of think of better place to live in Korea. With little to no nightlife, it is all about exploring all things outdoors.

Oedolgae Rock

Oedolgae Rock is one of my favorite spots to hang out after work or in the mornings before heading to work. Of course, not in winter because I am not a cold weather. You can read all about me hibernating HERE. I have been here countless times, but it never gets old. Since the weather is changing, many tourists are on the island, but I never let that bother me. I can always find a quiet spot in the middle of a crowded place.

After raining for a few days I decided to use one of my many Starbucks gift cards on a wickedly delicious avocado yogurt smoothie. I got mine without whipped cream and syrup and light coconut cream. It was so damn good. This a great alternative for non-coffee drinkers like myself.

With having a million things to do before my last day of work, I had to squeeze in some time to enjoy this gorgeous weather. I am getting closer to my goal of waking up before sunrise, but I think it is only because I have a ton to do. I love taking moments in the middle of a hectic day to just breathe and relax. With pristine views such as this is hard to feel anything, but lucky and grateful to be alive. My message to you is to enjoy each moment and create a time for you to enjoy nature. When I am outside and running around under the sunshine, is when I feel most alive. So find something you love and make sure to incorporate it into you daily routine.

Thank you for reading my blog and I will continue to post positive content.

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