I Made it to the Land of Bottomless Wine, Cheese, Pasta and Beauty: Italy

June 16, 2016

I am finally in Italy after an epic road trip around Korea with my Austrailian bestie. And an amazing race to the Great Wall of China with my friend Alyona. I won't g into detail about these trips now because there is just too much to share. With getting ready to leave Korea and traveling around the country I haven't had time or energy to update my blog, but I hope to get back to posting on a weekly basis. After my road trip, I left for Italy via (Seoul-Beijing-Milan), with a long layover in Beijing. I only had 18 hours in the city and a million thanks to my friend who made everything super easy for me.  Also, our minds are equally crazy, so it was a total adventure. We stayed up for almost 18 hours straight and basically YOLO-ed around the city. More to come on my road trip in Korea and my adventures in Beijing. 

 The Journey

Beijing International Aiport is a place of chaos, so I was lucky to have arrived at the airport with some time to spare before my flight. My luggage was already checked and with my boarding in hand from the previous day, all I had to do was to get through Chinese customs. It took an hour to go through customs upon my arrival, but upon my exit, the airport was less crowded. Thank God because I did not have the energy to withstand that ahhhhhhhhgain! I was running on empty at this point and felt like I was about to fall over. I slept most of the flight from Beijing to Milan and only woke up when I heard the food cart coming my way. By the time I arrived in Italy I was a complete mess and in need of a shower, sleep and warm hugs from 'le fiancé'. I got all that a little bubbly to commemorate my arrival :)  

Jet lag

Jet lag is so damn tacky for me because I am inclined to fall asleep everywhere. In the last week, I fell asleep each time I got in the car and at the drop of a hat everywhere else. So tacky! Eating all the yummiest Italian food and drinking Italian wine hasn't helped and I can't say I can complain. Oh and CHEESE! Soon my hips won't lie about my cheese consumption. I can say goodbye to that summer body I was so looking forward to. Let me digress because I am not even feeling an ounce of guilt. YOLO-ing for life :)

Anywho, in the coming weeks, most of my posts will be about Korea, Beijing, and bits about Italy and Jamaica. Thanks to everyone who made my last few weeks in Korea amazing. It involved spending time with awesome friends and Jamaican rum. Shout out to my BFF, Peter, who bought Jamaican rum all the way from Austraila. That made my day! Though I am in the land of bottomless wine, cheese, and pasta; nothing could ever replace my deep love for Korea, kimchi, rice wine, flavored soju, Korean bbq, kindness from Korean folks. Last but not least, super grateful for my co-teachers and my lovely student students. I can always count on friends all over the world to take good care of me when I travel. I am eternally grateful all the beautiful souls that I've met. I never thought when I start traveling that I would have made so many great friends, but I am lucky I did. Time to find a Korean spot here because I will be craving Korean food soon! Until my next post, stay happy and blessed! Lxxx

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