From Paris With Love

July 29, 2016

Paris was never at the top of my bucket list, but it turned out to be love at first sight. Since I am living in Italy now it was so easy to pop over for a short trip (I will tell above the ridiculously cheap ticket I bought in another post). Shout out to Ryan Air for the cheap ticket and the great service.  Thanks to one of my BFF's parents for being the ultimate hosts. Since it was my first time in Paris, I was spoiled royally because both my friend and her parents have been to Paris before. All the best places to visit, what to eat, awesome accommodations were all organized with ease since I was with experts.

This trip was special because my friend's parents celebrated their 35th wedding anniversary on July 4th and they were in Paris to celebrate. Perfect reason to visit Paris, right?! I was a bit nervous to travel there after all that's happening around the world, but I refuse to live in fear. So, off to Paris I went. It was a fantastic trip and I was humbled to be able to join in on all the fun. And when I say fun, I mean FUN! This family sure knows how to throw a party, EVERY DAY! Paris is definitely the city of love and all the cliches are true. Romantic, picnics, champagne, croissants, baguettes, style, butter on everything and women riding bicycles in high heels! It is all TRUE!

Thanks to my friend Liesl and her family for hosting such a beautiful holiday. I am exhausted from having way too much fun. Stay tuned for more Paris posts and VLOGS!

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