Jamaica, Jamaica

July 29, 2016

There is truly no place like home. I am ready to relax and do absolutely nothing at all, except to enjoy slow island life! I dream of Jamaica often and I can hardly wait to return to the land of my birth. I am truly blessed to be able to go back and to have my love with me on this trip. I am looking forward to soaking up the culture, food and experiencing places I have never been before. Above all, I am looking forward to some family time and some good old country living. 

I am even looking forward to drinking a beer. I do not even like beer much, but sipping a Jamaican Red Stripe Beer is always a must, within the first few days of arrival. It is just so classic and refreshing. I won't even begin t discuss the amazing food and fruits I will devour because I honestly would not know where to start or end. 

But what I can say is that I am looking forward to going to the beach, eating everything that is in sight, long walks, beautiful sunsets and seeing my family. I hope to discover some new adventures and fall in love with Jamaica all over again. Truthfully, I am from Jamaica, but I feel like I have not explored many areas outside of my hometown and tourist areas. There is still so much more to discover. I am most looking forward to spending some time in the Blue Mountains and I may even sample the World-famous Jamaican Blue Mountain Coffee since I am now a coffee drinker.

If home is where the heart is, then I am always in Jamaica, but it is an awesome feeling to know I will be there in the flesh :))

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