Life Update in Italy

December 31, 2016

Hey, hey, hey! It has been such a long time since my last post. Merry belated Christmas, Kwanza, and Hanukah or happy holidays if you do not celebrate the latter! I wish I had a big reason for my disappearance from the blog, but I just didn't feel like writing. And though I have not been writing, I have been taking lots of photos with my Olympus Pen camera.

I update Instagram often because I feel like I can control my interests better. You can find me @ froventuresoflecia.

 I am currently living in Northern Italy with my lovely + crazy Marco. Life is full of love and arguments about nothing because that's what couples do! Oh and Marco taught me how to drive a manual car. Don't worry everyone, we survived that experience :) Bless his heart! Hahaha! We have a lot on our plates these days, immigration and wedding planning are at the top of the list. You can read my last post about Italy by clicking HERE. 

Immigration: It has been a whirlwind of adjustments here, but things are coming together. Slowly, but sure. With moving to a new country, comes the nightmare of getting a mountain of paperwork done. I am shell shocked by the lack of organization at times. Moving here is nothing like moving Korea. Everything is made so easy for foreigners, especially Americans. I got used to the bali bali life, which basically means hurry, hurry. Not to mention, the immigration process is done in one office once you are in the country.

It was difficult at first but I have grown to accept the slower pace here. I accept because I cannot fight the system. So if I can't  beat them, then I will just join them. If I am irritated because I have to run all over the city to get a stamp here, there and everywhere - that's exactly what I will do. Wine will fix it and there isn't a shortage of that, thank God!

Wedding planningAs for wedding planning, that is coming along slowly. We found a location while we were in Jamaica and will do the damn thing next December. We already changed the date from July to December, so it's time to plan. Marco and I both want to keep our wedding small and true to who we are. Over the summer we fell in love with St. Thomas. That is St. Thomas, Jamaica, not St. Thomas, US Virgin Islands. It is naturally so beautiful and rustic. It's a surfs paradise and definitely a chill spot. 

We definitely do not want to do much to the venue because it is so gorgeous the way it is. My cousin kept saying "nuhbody nuh get married ah St.Thomas!" It is true but it is very important Marco and I stay true to who we are. While resort weddings are beautiful, it is just not who we are. So 'country' wedding, by the ocean it is! Mi nah listen to mi cousin :)  

Thank you so much for reading my blog and happiest of holidays to you! New posts every week from now on! 

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