March 31, 2017

We got married ahead of our wedding in Jamaica later this year and it was such an exciting day with some of our family and friends. It seemed like such a whirlwind because was such a long process to prepare all the documents. Since I have both Jamaican and American citizenship, it was double the fun :/  Thankfully the day went off without any issues and we have all the necessary documents for our intimate wedding in Jamaica. I was lucky to have the help of both my sisters to complete the necessary documents. 

I was overwhelmed with the amount of love Marco's family and friends showed us because it was not our official wedding day. Since his parents wanted to take us our for lunch, I figured we should pull ourselves together. I felt incredibly fortunate and I am more excited for our wedding now. Think I was not enjoying the process so much because I just not the planning type, but I feel like a new woman who is ready tp plan. 

After a lovely lunch, we decided to take a long drive into the mountain and Lake Como. It was spontaneous and right up our alley. I guess we felt like a bit of adventure. Thankfully Italy is the perfect place for a mini adventure. 

I loved seeing Marco's face and how happy he was to be by my side. He damn near cried, I damn near cried and I am not a pretty crier, so I had to contain myself :) I hope our big day is just like this, calm and easy and of course tons of fun. 

I have learned that some of the best moments happen when I least expect it and I am forever grateful to have found my partner in living, exploring and growing in this wonderful, yet challenging world. Our journey is far from perfect, but it has been imperfectly wonderful. Cheers to love, La Dolce Vita and everything in between! Lxxx

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  1. You look amazing Lecia! x

  2. Congrats!! Can't wait for your wedding :)

  3. Congratulations!!!! 🍾🎊

  4. Wow congratulations you look so happy and beautiful.

  5. You are the bravest girl I know! Very happy that you found happiness. Grab it with both hands and never let go. Congrats again!

  6. Beautiful stories...beautiful adventures....continued blessings Lecia!

  7. I absolutely love this. You both look gorgeous xxx

  8. Disfrutando lo que te gusta es maravillosa... viva su vida sin arrepentimientos pero aprende de algo de cada experiencia así usted y su marido tendrá la vida perfecta.
    De Lionel a un amigita de la EAHS.

    1. Gracias! That is about all the Spanish I know, but I managed to transalate it :) Thank you for the advice!



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