Easter in Italy

April 25, 2017

Easter in Italy was so different from when I grew up in Jamaica, but there were a few similarities that I appreciated, such as, family and good food. One thing that surprised me was that most people did not attend church. I guess it is a sign that the times are changing and many people do not trust the church these days.

I went to lunch at the hubby's parent's home on Easter Sunday. Oh my gosh, my mama-in-law's cooking so much! Italian food is so easy to love. It is rich and has deep flavors and I love that recipes are simple, yet filled with so much flavor. Sometimes I am overwhelmed with its richness, but what can a foodie do, except EAT?!

After the first bite of the most delicious lasagna, I was full but forced myself to finish my plate. All while I rinsed it down with some good organic wine. I have to say I have never been so full my entire life, but I suspected it had something to do with the octopus salad we had the night before. My body just felt like it was about to explode. After the first course (lasagna), I ate a bit more because I did not want to be rude and not try everything. I was so distracted by the way my body was feeling, I forgot to take pictures of the food. It was all too much for this Jamaican girl!

Of course, an Italian easter would not be complete without some dessert/dolce. During easter, it is normal to consume large quantities of chocolate shaped in the form of an egg. We had Easter Columba, which is a sweet bread. It symbolizes peace and is shaped like a dove. The flavors vary, but usually, comes with almonds and chocolate and a dash of citrus flavor. Even though I was well over my limited I figured I would sniff a small piece, but then that ended up my month. I was in pain guys, but since then I have learned my lesson.

After lunch, we went to the lake to relax and thankfully it was sunny and warm-ish. I fell asleep for what felt like an eternity, but it was barely two minutes because Marco started to take my picture. I got my bum up because I am an ugly sleeper and the last thing I need is a video of me snoring (facepalm). Can you believe after all that food Marco wanted to do aperitivo? I swear his stomach is limitless.

Overall it was a nice Easter and hope I can incorporate some of my Jamaican traditions next year. Hope you all had a great Easter and thanks for reading this post. Lxxx

See THIS about the sunset not far this part of the lake. I love that is is different every time :)

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  1. love love this!! Made me think of the time we did easter at your place in Masan! x

    1. Thank you babes!! Omg, decorating eggs and the bun and cheese! Mmmmmmmm Lxxx



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