June 01, 2017

Gosh, I love Italian summers! La Dolce Vita is in full swing here just before it gets too crowded and way too hot. I was picking wild strawberries in the mountain and Marco was building a chicken coop late in the evening and I felt like eating pizza. With it being so hot, I was too lazy to even toss a salad! Thank God Marco's best friend visited us and we decided to go out for pizza. Hanging out with these two is always a riot because together they are a comedy show. 

All three of us hopped into my very small car and off to the restaurant we went! My car is a two-seater, but because we are crazy, we thought it would be funny for all of us to be inside! It felt like a mini bus in Jamaica! Upon arrival, the waiter saw us exit the car and laughter erupted among us because we knew he must have judged us! See a picture of my car at the end of this post!

I love random dinners like these in the summer because it feels almost feels like a vacation. The light salad dinner I had planned was becoming a distant memory because all I could think of was having pizza for dinner. I really wanted to practice a bit of restraint, but the devil or the Lord took over my mind, body, and soul. All signals pointed to PIZZA! I have gained a bit of weight in all the right areas (ass and boobs), praise jeezy for that, however; the middle section is expanding ever so rapidly. Anyways, not even the thought my lovely lady hump and bumps could stop me :) No regrets either!

Cultural differences: We ordered our individual pizzas because there is no such thing as sharing a pizza in Italy! And the other thing is the pizza is never sliced, so the only way to eat it is with a knife and a fork. Once I asked Marco if he could share with me and he looked at me like I was crazy and told me to order my own and he would eat what I didn't eat. I still struggle to finish an entire pizza, but thank God Marco is there to help with his 'long mouth' as us Jamaican's like to say :)

Ristorante Pizzeria San Martino does really good pizzas and meats and I love that we did not have to go far from home, especially in a two seater! I would recommend this restaurant for those looking for something authentic to the region and away from the hassle of 'touristy' style food closer to the lake. Get a truffle pizza or florentine steak with polenta! These are my favorites on the menu and will only leave you wanting more. The desserts are always good, too!

Since Marco and I got two different pizzas I gave Marco half of mine and he gave me half of his, but I immediately regretted this because my pizza was amazing. Both Marco and his best friend Nello drooled over my pizza, thankfully not literally, but there was major food envy. I could see it in Marco's eyes. Think he was a little tired but he could hardly wait to taste my pizza. It was ham, grana, mozzarella (but the best kind of mozzarella), and truffle! The pairing was perfection done to perfection, though a tad surprising because truffle and grana have a very strong taste. I cannot even remember what kind of pizza the guys ordered because my pizza was the life of the party! I even tried to get my half back from Marco, but he did not budge.

I hope everyone is having a lovely spring, so far. If you are not going on a vacation, make your city a place where you can have fun and have a staycation! It is always nice to have good company, but it is so lovely to be able to enjoy things solo, too! Don't stress if you are rolling solo :)

Ciao till my next post! Lxxx

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  2. You called your car a beast :) it's smaller than a panda. Love it!

    1. It is the beast!!! OMG, I just saw this!!!! HILARIOUS!! xxxx



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